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My name is Charles Simmons. I am a U S Navy, WW II Vet of the most powerful Navy in the world, KentuckyColonel, retired Master Electrician, retired Electrical Contractor, Kentucky certification #14914 and 14915. My experience began with my father who was an electrician, telephone service employee at Armco Steel in Ashland,Kentucky.   We did wiring jobs when he came home from work.

I graduated from Ashland Senior High School 1943, attended Ashland Junior College, entered U. S. Navy in 1943, graduated from Navy Electric School at Iowa State College, graduated from Magnetic and Magnesyn Compass School at Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans, LA, served aboard LST 611 in Philippine invasion, Leyte invasion, Mindora invasion.   At Tacloban P I. my  ship was bombed in enemy air attack.  Four men instantly killed in main engine room.  Another man was lost as volunteer for crew to attempt salvage recovery of ship hit in Mindora invasion.  My ship was  then towed 8000 miles back to States for repair.I have crossed equator eight times,  crossed International Date line four times.   I was Honorably Discharged in 1946, attended Marshall College. I Soloed in small plane at Clark Field near Charleston, WV.  I support Cumberland College, Williamsburg, KY.

Employment:  Western Electric, Federal Telephone and Radio Corp, Lexington Telephone Co., IBM, self-employed Electrical Contractor, which included several years as a Vocational School Electrical Instructor, with Special Course instruction for Allied Chemical and Armco electricians, married,  five children.  President three PTA's, volunteer reader of books for the blind at U. K.

Hobby:  Reading, writing

Now living in Florida.

The massive damage caused by hurricanes has caught my attention and I have begun to find out as much as I can about them. This website is the result of my interest, curiosity, and concern.  I believe hurricanes can be prevented.  Join me in this discovery.





The vertical rays of the Sun shine on different areas of the earth, each day,  depending on the time of the year.

Imagine a line from the exact center of the sun to the exact center of the planet Earth;  the one we live on.  Imagine an arrow point on the end of the line pointing to a spot on the surface of the Earth. 

As the earth moves in its orbit around the sun the sun's verticalrays, as indicated by the center to center arrow, shine on a new location each day. At noon each day the vertical rays are shining on a latitude seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77)  miles from the previous days noon latitude. The difference is because the earth is in a different orbital location as it moves around the Sun.

The Tropic of Cancer is the most northern point on the surface of the earth reached by the Sun's vertical rays - ever, as the earth orbits the Sun, year after year after year. The latitude line at this point is twenty-three point forty-four degrees (more usually referenced as twenty-three and one half degrees) north of the Equator in the northern hemisphere, and is identified as The Tropic of Cancer. The date when the vertical rays reach this latitude is June twenty-first. (21)

The same can be said of the most southerly point reached by thevertical rays of the Sun each year. This point in the southern hemisphere is twenty -three point forty-four degrees south, of the equator and is identified as The Tropic of Capricorn.  The date is December twenty second.   A globe identifies each of these points as a latitude line circling the globe.  The distance between the Tropic of Cancer and The Tropic of Capricorn is three thousand two hundred forty three (3243) miles. It takes six months, or one half of three hundred sixty-five (365) days for the earth to move from one extreme position to the other as it orbits  the Sun. One half of three hundred sixty-five (365), days is one hundred eighty-two and one half (182 1/2) days. If we divide three thousand two hundred forty-three miles (3243) by one hundred eighty-two and one half (182 1/2) days we get seventeen point seven six nine eight six (17.76986) miles, the distance the earth moves under the direct vertical rays of the Sun from noon of one day to noon of the next day.  Let's round it off to seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77) miles per day.  Let this be known as the "Simmons Constant";  because it will never change.   A thousand years from now, this rate will be the same.  Imagine a latitude line circling the earth every seventeen point seventy-seven miles between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

 Imagine yourself out in space viewing the earth in front of you.  The earth is rotating on its north pole, south pole axis which is tilted to the right.  The sun is way off to the right and its rays are shining on the upper half because the earth axis is tilted toward the sun.  As the earth moves away from you its path curves to the right around the sun and the sun rays now are shining on the side of the earth on the equator because the axis has remained on the same angle. One fourth of the earths journey has passed.  As the earth continues, the axis never changes and after six months the sun rays now shine on the lower half of the earth because, the axis is now tilted away from the sun and the sun vertical rays are shining directly on the Tropic of Capricorn.  In another three months the sun rays will again be shining on the equator, with the axis still tilted the same, and the earth  returning to its exact starting point.  "Exact," because nothing in space changes fast enough for anyone to be aware of.  Sir Isaac Newton has explained that all bodies in space are locked in position due to mutual gravitation.

Assuming the direct vertical rays of the Sun produce the most heat on the surface of the earth, then it is logical to conclude that this is the source of the most intense heat which contributes to the formation of hurricanes.  These vertical rays remain forever within the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn limit lattitudes.  There is a greater heat build-up nearer each of these tropic lattitudes because of the longer exposure during approach and  recession.

We can also conclude that this seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77) miles per day, is the rate of approach of the annual hurricane season, year after year after year.

Dividing seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77)  miles by twenty-four (24)hours per day, gives us zero point seven four (0.74) miles per hour, the rate of approach of the annual hurricane season. That is approximately three fourths (3/4) of a mile per hour.

By tracking this arrow point at noon each day as the Earth moves along its orbital path, we have a possible predictor of where the next hurricane may form. 

Two factors are essential to the formation of a hurricane.  The first is surface temperature of the ocean, measured down one meter, and the increase in humidity which it produces; and second, the coriolis force, always present as a result of the rotation of the earth, and which causes the rotation of a rising, humid, air mass over an ocean hot spot.

Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, was the first to show that the Earth moved in an orbit around the stationary Sun, instead of the Sun orbiting the Earth.

Using PI to Think Big

The Circumference(C), or distance around, the Earth at the equator =  24,902 miles.   Pi = 3.1416.  Remembered more easily as three point fourteen, sixteen.  The Diameter of Earth measured from a point on the equator through the exact center to the equator on the other side multiplied by pi equals the circumference.  C = pi * D.  The Circumference divided by pi = diameter.  24,902 miles / 3.1416 = 7926.5342 miles, diameter of the earth.  Round it off to 7926.5 miles.  The radius is one half the diameter,so   7926.5 divided by 2 = 3963 miles;  the radius.

What about the volume of the earth?  There's a formula for that too.  It is:   4/3 PI  times radius cubed.  That's  4/3  *  3.1416  *  (3963 * 3963 * 3963).  I wonder what percentage of that is oil.

The distance from Earth to the Sun is ninety-three miillion (93,000,000) miles. That distance is known as one astronomical unit (1 AU) and is commonly used as a unit of measurement of distances in space. Another common method of measuring distances in space is the "light year".  A "light year" is the distance light travels in one year at the speed of light, which is one hundred eighty six thousand (186,000) miles per second, or six hundred seventy million (670,000,000) miles per hour.  The earth's orbit around the Sun is nearly a perfect circle;  therefore with the sun as its center, 1AU is the radius or one half of the diameter of theearth's orbit around the Sun.  The Diameter(D) of the earth's orbit is 2*r,  or 2AU which is 2*93,000,000 or 186,000,000 miles.  TheCircumference of the earth's orbit around the sun is D (186,000,000 miles) * pi (3.1416) = 584,337,600 miles and it will take one year (365days) to travel that distance.   Ancient mathematicians noticed that the circumference of any circle was almost exactly three times its diameter, and this number was used for a very long time.  Soon it became apparent that three wasn't quite enough so they added another one tenth  to pi, but even that wasn't quite enough to complete the circle  so another four one hundredths was added. Their circles were still being left incomplete so then another one thousanth  was added.  Still not quite right.  Another six ten thousanth   was added to try to complete their circles.  Almost but still not there yet.  Out of shear frustration one mathematician who was a little more religious than the others decided to pray about it and he wrote the hymn  "Will The Circle Be Unbroken,  By and By Lord By and By?"  You know the rest of the story.  It ain't gonna happen using "PI." (I may have stretched this tale a little.)

The present record for calculating the number of PI digits is to 6.4 billion places.   Try physically adding that last particle to the circumference of any circle.


Are we thinking BIG yet?

Let's take a look at the area enclosed by earth's orbit circle around the sun.

Area of a circle = PI * radius squared.  A = pi * (r * r).  Area of the space enclosed by earth's orbit around the Sun = pi x r squared or 3.1416 * (93,000,000 * 93,000,000) = 2.71716984 raised to the sixteenth power, square miles.  Now that is BIG. 




BAM!!  That was a good one, Mr. Charles - Agustin de Coulomb! Build up another one for us.

Mr. Coulomb: “ It shouldn’t take long here in Florida. Are you ready Mr. Volta?”

Mr. Alesandra Volta: “Yes. I’ll let it go soon as you get enough charge.”

Mr. Coulomb: “Are you ready, Andre Marie Ampere?”

Mr. Andre Marie Ampere:: “I sure am. A path will open up all the way down. “

Mr. Coulomb: “How about you George Ohm?

Mr. George Ohm: “I’m looking. I’m looking. But I don’t think I’ll be able to find a resistor high enough to stop it.”

Mr. Coulomb: “Ben are you in a dry, safe place. You couldn’t be in more danger right now with this heavy Florida rain, you know.

Mr. Benjamin Franklin:: “Yes. Yes. I’m OK. Let it go. This key will take care of my part.“

Mr. James Watt and Mr. William Prescott Joule were standing by waiting to see what would happen.

Mr. Michael Faraday was still in his lab working on his latest generator invention.

Mr. Coulomb: “ Is the angel choir ready?

Gabriel: “ ONE THOUSAND ANGELS. Ready and waiting, Mr. Coulomb.”

Mr. Coulomb; I can’t hold any more electrons!”



“O Lord, My God,

When I in awesome wonder,

Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,

I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,

Throughout the universe, Thy power displayed.

Then sings my soul,

My Savior, God, to Thee,

How Great, Thou art,

How Great, Thou art,

Then sings my soul,

My Savior God to Thee,

How Great Thou Art!

How Great Thou Art!

Mr. Coulomb: “Thanks, choir. People are weeping..”

“Benjamin Franklin, your lightning experiment worked. Lightning rods will be installed on farm homes and barns, transmission lines, substation points, and residential electric service panels, throughout the world. Your key has opened the doors to electrical safety - everywhere!” “If it’s metal--ground it!!”

“Mr. Coulomb, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of electric static charge named for you. It will be called, the “coulomb.”

Alesandra Volta, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of electromotive force named for you. It will be called, the “volt.”

Mr. Andre Marie Ampere, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of electric current flow named for you. It will be called the “ampere.”

George Ohm, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of electrical resistance named for you. It will be called, the “ohm.”

Mr. William Prescott Joule, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of ENERGY named for you. It will be called the “joule.”

Mr. Watt, you will be honored by having the unit of measure of electrical power named for you. It will be called the “watt.”

*“Lives of great men and women all remind us…..”

The choir starts to disband. Thanks choir. I know you have many visits to make, with Christmas and Easter getting near. I hope you will sing for us again, soon.

*“We can make our lives sublime,”

After many searches I finally found the unit of measure for “energy.” It is the “joule”; A “joule” is the force required to move one “ampere” through one “ohm” of resistance in one second.  That sounds familiar.  Before I retired as an electrician, I used that frequently in my work. It’s known as Ohm’s Law. To find “volts” just multiply “amps” times “ohms.” E = I * R In this case, one “ampere” times one “ohm” equals one “volt.”

* "Ampere?”  “Ohm?”  “Joule?”  “Volt?”

Does this mean that voltage and energy are the same thing?

* “And departing, leave behind us,

"Footprints on the sands of time.”

"Footprints that perhaps another,

Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,

A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,

Seeing, shall take heart again.”

"Let us then be up and doing,

With a heart for any fate,

Still achieving;  still pursuing,

Learn to labor and to wait."

*From “A Psalm of Life,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1802-1887)

Charles H. Simmons


2x2=4 3x2=6 4x4=16, but what does 12=

Math can take a different form.

In electricity, for example, E = I x R, where E = volts, I = amperes, R = resistance.

Notice the problem solution is given first, followed by how you get it.

Car battery voltage is 12 volts. I found that a halogen head lamp draws 10 to 15 amps. Lets use one that draws 10 amps. How many ohms of resistance does that circuit have. 12 = I x R. We now have two out of three elements of the problem 12 = 10 x R. We have to switch to division for the answer. R = E / I.   R = E over I. 12 volts divided by 10 amperes(amps.)  Ten goes into 12 one time with 2 left over. So the answer is one and two tenths, which looks like 1.2 (one point two.)

We are looking for how many ohms resistance are in a halogen headlamp that draws ten amps when 12 volts is turned on, and the answer is one point two ohms resistance.

Notice the E goes on top when you’re looking for ohms. R = E over I.

The same holds true if you know the voltage and the resistance and are looking for amperes. The voltage goes on top and you divide 12 volts by 1.2 ohms to find that a halogen headlamp draws 10 amperes.

This same formula arrangement applies to any “three element” math problem, where the problem solution is the product of themultiplication of two factors. If you know any two of the elements (factors) it is easy to find the third one, using one of the above formulas.

Incidentally if you ask an electrician what the “E” stands for he mignt or might not know that it stands for “Electromotive Force.” If you ask him what the “R” stands for he probably will know that it stands for “Resistance.” If you ask him what the “I” stands for he most likely will not know; but you will know because you learned it here. The “I” in the Ohm’s Law formula stands for “INTENSITY.” Intensity?  Intensity of what?  Amperes!  Why not use the letter "A."  Because the letter "A" is used already in other formulas, and besides "intensity" is a better description of the electron activity that takes place when a circuit (copper/aluminum wire conductor, etc.) is carrying electrons to and from an electrical load (light bulb, electric motor, heating element, etc..)  Two very important by products of this electron activity are "heat" and "magnetism."





Charles Simmons

76 Central Ave

Ormond Beach, FL 32174

386 - 677 - 6333 


What good is knowledge if it is not put to use?

Let’s think BIG.

Now is the time.  Notoriety about hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and Dean, is very high.

Now is the time for common sense to take root regarding hurricane PREVENTION.

We need a “fire in the belly and a passion” for hurricane prevention.

If a fire breaks out, a fire department is called, to save people and property. Fire departments are everywhere, and represent an investment of billions of dollars, to save billions of dollars in property losses, and thousands of lives.

Traffic signals and cable dividers in highway medians are installed for the same reasons

The same reasoning can apply to hurricane PREVENTION; saving thousands of lives and avoiding billions of dollars in property losses.

A hurricane has a beginning, and that is where our prevention has to begin.

Hurricanes are temperature related. The focus of this paper, and business plan, will be upon ways to control ocean SURFACE temperatures in areas that may become hurricanes. Ocean SURFACE TEMPERATURES start hurricanes.

Hurricanes weaken and fade away when they encounter cooler waters or make landfall.  Ways to cool large areas of warm water are necessary when hurricanes become a threat to island populations or  coastal cities. This capability should be available on a continuous basis during hurricane season, in locations where hurricanes are most likely to form.

When hurricanes come ashore they are also affected by physical obstructions. They are slowed down by shore line tall buildings; condos, hotels, trees, other surface objects or features, that quickly reduce hurricane categories. Unfortunately their built up energy is reduced in destructive ways. People and property suffer.  People and property absorb all that energy.

I am looking at a map which shows the formation of one hundred twenty-two hurricanes that have occurred during the last one hundred years, in the Caribbean between Cuba and Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Only thirteen formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Many others formed in the  Atlantic. Important note: these one hundred twenty-two hurricanes occurred in just the first two weeks of October during this one hundred year period. The annual hurricane season lasts much longer than two weeks. The visual image of all these red dots should convince anyone of the urgent need to develop a permanent means of cooling large areas of surface water temperature when needed.

Cost should be of secondary consideration. Hurricanes are far too damaging and destructive to ignore any longer. The most tragic events are forgotten in a very short period of time. Plans should already be underway to PREVENT hurricanes.

We should be prepared to prevent hurricanes with the same zeal, intelligence, and investment that we apply to fire prevention.

Many writers have written much in describing hurricanes in technical terms. This tends to prevent action. The solution to hurricane PREVENTION is simple, and should be kept simple.

Cool the water, when it gets too warm, or destroy the rising column of rotating warm air.

Research has discovered that most of the earth's water is barely above freezing. There is plenty of cold water to work with.  Hurricanes move very slowly. There is plenty of time in which to take preventive action. There are many slow moving hurricanes to practice and experiment with;  especially in the Caribbean.

Research has shown that hurricanes can form when SURFACE temperatures reach eighty-one degrees Fahrenheit, (26.5 degrees C) or warmer.

This temperature is the only enemy. Nothing else need be considered to prevent a hurricane. How much simpler could it be?

Other factors such as humidity, and coriolis force are always present, but only the high surface temperature of eighty-one degrees, or higher will initiate a hurricane .   How big will the hot spot be that might start a hurricane forming updraft?  Remember, they have to start somewhere.

Will it be one hundred yards in diameter? One half mile in diameter? Five miles in diameter? Ten miles in diameter,or one hundred miles in diameter?   Those may be the sizes of areas that could reach eighty-one plus degrees before a hurricane forming updraft occurs.    The main thing is to have a prevention capability ready when needed.

A surface temperature of eighty-one degrees is our target hot spot and our first responder cooling ship will need to sail right through the center of it, dividing it in two, or more masses.

A mass of anything has weight and occupies space and can be acted upon by various forces. The force we are interested in is the one that causes this warm humid air mass to begin rotating. 

This force is known as the coriolis force. It is always present because it is the result of the earth’s rotation in a west to east direction. As long as the earth continues to rotate there will be a coriolis force. Humid air has weight and occupies space and can be acted upon by the coriolis force. , Water weighs eight point thirty-three pounds per gallon, even if it has been evaporated to cause an increase in humidity.   My TI 30 calculator from Wal Mart tells me that a five gallon jug of water from Wal Mart weighs forty one point sixty-five pounds.  No wonder hurricanes cause so much damage.

The coriolis force is zero at the Equator, because it causes rotation in one direction in the northern hemisphere and the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. They cancel each other at the equator. At about ten or fifteen degrees, north or south, of the equator, it begins to become a factor affecting a warm, humid air mass  rising over an ocean hot spot.

A heated, humid, air mass will spin in a counter-clockwise direction as it ascends over the hot spot north of the equator. This is shown on the weather channel when hurricanes are displayed.    If the hot, humid, air mass is kept small by dividing it in smaller sections during early formation as a tropical depression, a full scale  hurricane will be prevented.  THIS WILL DENY THE CORIOLIS FORCE A MASS OF HEAVY HUMID AIR TO ROTATE THEREBYPREVENTING THE FORMATION OF A HURRICANE.

 Dividing a hot spot will not produce two hurricanes, because neither mass is enough to be a problem.

Our first responder cooling ship will not wait for the temperature to reach eighty-one degrees. It will start cooling operations at seventy-eight or seventy-nine degrees, or less, but only if reports indicate the presence of other variables such as high humidity, a forecast of continuing hot days, and being far enough away from the equator. No need responding unless sufficient hurricane forming factors are present.

The first responder shipboard computer will be continuously processing information from the Global Positioning Satellites, covering ocean conditions in its assigned area. Satellite sensors will determine the optimum time for setting sail in order to control a developing hurricane.  If a hurricane does not become a threat to population centers it will be allowed to run it's course naturally, however a category limiting capability will always be available.

Where does all the hurricane producing heat come from? Take a look at your globe, if you have one. Please get one. A globe contains a wealth of information. They are not expensive and are available at map stores or office supply stores.

There is a wide band that encircles the middle. It is the wide band between the encircling line labeled "Tropic of Cancer" in the northern half of the globe, and the encircling line labeled "Tropic of Capricorn" in the southern half of the globe. These lines are the northern most point, and southernmost point, where the straight down, intense heat, vertical rays of the sun shine on the earth.

On June twenty-first, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s rays are shining straight down on the Tropic of Cancer,and we have been experiencing the enjoyable normal warming trend of Spring and early summer.  On June twenty-second these vertical rays move away from the Tropic of Cancer as earth continues its day by day journey around to the other side of its orbit around the sun, and will arrive there six months later on December twenty-second.  Let's check our shadow on June twenty-one to see how long it is.

Meanwhile the earth has been continuously rotating on its north pole, south pole axis in a twenty-four hour, day, night cycle. The earth, spinning on its axis, is like a gyroscope. The Earth is a very large mass rotating in a space vaccuum with nothing to make it slow down or speed up,- ever.  The angle of its axis in relation to its orbital plane around the Sun, never changes. This angle is twenty-three and one-half degrees from the vertical. This is why the Tropic of Cancer is presented to the Sun in the Spring and the Tropic of Capricorn is presented in the winter. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, the axis remains angled twenty-three and one half degrees away from an imaginary line perpendicular to the Earth’s orbital plane around the Sun.

 This gyroscopic reliability keeps the earth axis continuously pointing to the north star, and it will continue to point to the north star (Polaris) for as long as we live.  However the axis does move in a very small circle.  It completes a circle once every twenty-six thousand years.  This phenomena is known as "precession."

Year after year the plane of the earth's orbit around the Sun remains the same, and the angle of the earth's axis with the plane remains the same. This is why the axis of the globe you just purchased is positioned on an angle twenty-three and one half degrees, from an imaginary line perpendicular to the table top, or sixty-six and one half degrees from the table top. The table top on which your globe is resting, represents the orbital plane of the earth circling the Sun. The Sun does not move--the earth moves around the Sun.

The Sun is permanent.   Ways to cool the hurricane producing ocean temperatures or interfere with a rising column of warm air,  will be just as permanent.

During any year the hottest, direct, vertical rays of the Sun will always be found within the area bounded by the Tropic of Cancer and The Tropic of Capricorn.  However,  a hurricane starts as a rotating mass of  humid warm air, and this rotation is caused by the coriolis force which is stronger when measured farther north or south from the equator.   Hurricanes know no boundaries.

I hope you now have your globe.

Now take a look just off the coast of Africa. Many hurricanes form here. We watch as the Sun comes up.   No, the Sun does not move.  It's apparent movement to rise up out of the ocean is caused by the Earth rotating toward it.  The day is just beginning, and we are in the hurricane season, sometime between  June first and November thirtieth.  We are fifteen degrees north of the equator and the coriolis force is strong enough to create a spin. The surface temperature will get warmer and warmer as the day progresses.               

A hot spot is developing and will continue to develop for several days because at sundown and throughout the night the earth does not radiate enough heat out into cold space to prevent a daily, cumulative rise in the hot spot temperature.  Warm air always moves toward colder areas.  The hot spot finally gains enough humidity and mass to be affected by the coriolis force. The rotating updraft begins. The surface temperature of the water has reached eighty-one degrees because, no one was there to cool the water.

This beginning hurricane continues to gain strength with each passing day as it meanders randomly in a westward direction across the ocean, following a path of least resistance because, no one is there to resist it.

Two feet, six feet, ten feet, twenty feet, fifty feet, down there is plenty of cold water.

Lets use an example. Suppose you put a pan of water on the stove to heat. The temperature will continue to rise right on past eighty-one degrees. If you turn off the heat the rise stops immediately and the temperature begins to drop. This is what happens at sundown.

If you pour cold water into the heating water, the temperature rise stops immediately and the temperature drops.  We can turn off the heat, and add cold water,or crushed ice (crushed ice floats) to control the surface water temperature of a hurricane threatening development.  This will also change the direction.

Considering the massive damage caused by recent hurricanes, why would we not want to do something--anything, to gain control over these monster hurricanes. It is good to spend money cleaning up after a hurricane, but it would be better to PREVENT them in the first place.

We will use the technology that is available. Ocean surface temperatures are monitored continuously by the National Weather Service. This information can be sent by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) to properly equipped ships anywhere on the earth's surface. 

The area in the Caribbean is the first place that will produce results the quickest, because the map shows that area to have the highest concentration of hurricanes. Look at your new globe. Notice that the fifteen degree latitude line goes right through the center of the Caribbean Sea, a basin that can contain a lot of hot water, and can be affected  easily by the coriolis force.

Would anyone ever have imagined that our system of volunteer fire departments would evolve into the efficient first responders that we have today?

The same logic can apply to first response hurricane prevention equipment. Water cooling ships need to be ready to move as soon as hot spots are detected.

This will be a work in progress, just as fire equipment and departments are continuously being improved.  Experimentation and development can and should begin at any time, and the sooner the better. The next hurricane season may be worse than the last.   It is approaching now at seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77) miles per day - 3/4 mile per hour.

During the hurricane season ships will be continuously at sea, ready to cool surface temperatures, using the most appropriate equipment and methods. It is not unreasonable to consider using large  double hulled tankers in this service. They will  be equipped with computers that will respond to a set point temperature, and other hurricane supporting variables. They will be equipped with many pumps mounted down each side of the deck, ready to spray large volumes of cold water brought up from the deep. They will assume a position that will interfere with any hurricane forming air mass movement.

The double hulled tankers will be filled with  crushed ice, brought down from the ice filled Arctic waters. Why crushed ice? Because ice floats and can provide many hours of lead time ahead of the next day's hot sun. The temperature rise can be reduced to a lower temperature range,  thereby avoiding the critical eighty-one degrees that can initiate a hurricane. The size of the ice crush can determine the length of lead time ahead of the night time period of cooling.   Ice floats!

Experiments with very large blowers will also be made with the powerful air being discharged through venturi tubes.   These powerful blowers will be installed on the bow of a ship with a movable venturi discharge section, directing the air blast up and down or side to side, and moving straight through a hot spot. They will swing around and go back through again, and again. The developing hurricane will be affected. There is plenty of time toexperiment, because a hurricane moves very slowly across the ocean.   Who knows until we try.

Windtunnel testing blowers are available that can discharge an air stream at two hundred fifty miles per hour.   Think;  invent;  initiate. 

The importance of the nighttime cooling temperatures cannot be emphasized enough. All cooling work will be done after sundown. Temperatures drop naturally as soon as the Sun source of heat is removed. Remember the pan of water heating on the stove. All additional cooling efforts will be applied to enhance the natural cooling that takes place after sundown.  The next day's surface temperature will begin at a lower temperature

This is a war and the hot spots are the enemy, and will be treated as such. Divide and conquer will be the rule when the hot spots develop, even if they are ten, twenty or one hundred square miles in area. Keep them small to prevent a mass accumulation of hot, humid, rising air.

Don't forget the massive damage and cost of a hurricane. We will be prepared to prevent hurricanes with the same zeal and intelligence that we apply to fire prevention,. Don't forget the death,  the filth, threat to health because of sanitation problems, the massive clean-up, destroyed homes and businesses, the evacuation and relocation, that follows big hurricanes.

A “fire in the belly, and a passion” for hurricane prevention, or control is essential.

Suppose the argument prevails, that trying to prevent hurricanes is much too speculative and uncertain, and that it's better to leave well enough alone and just continue cleaning up the messes. This is negative defeatism.  We need creative, supportive, ideas why things will work, not why things won't work.  THINK,   INVENT .  Don't be negative!  Stay focused on HURRICANE PREVENTION!

If a dangerous hurricane forms, it will still be stopped by using three big double hulled tankers, spreading  crushed ice in the path of the hurricane. They will be much like salt trucks, spreading salt on ice covered highways. They will be guided by the eye of the hurricane, so that no matter which way the hurricane moves it will find nothing but cooling non-supporting surface temperatures. The hurricane will be reduced in intensity and category.

Are three large double hulled tankers too big a solution?  Go look at New Orleans.  If one tanker full gets used up it can immediately return to the arctic for another load of crushed ice.  When a warship uses up all of its ammunition it goes to get another load.  They should be kept filled and readily available during the hurricane season.  Hurricanes are dangerous!

Large double hulled tankers, and high volume pumps  and blowers will be high on our shopping list. A massive, after sundown, water cooling capability is our goal and business plan.

We will be able to lower the temperature range, or stop a fully developed hurricane. Our tankers, filled with crushed ice or cold water, and outfitted with computer control systems, will  be able to automatically start up, hoist the anchor and announce the destination to the small resident crew over the PA system.   Anti-collision sensors, bow and stern will be installed, to prevent collision with other shipping.  

Take a look at "Hurricane and Storm Tracking,"  Storm archive.   Enter this in your computer URL.  Storm tracking is shown that dates back to 1888.    



 an essential part of any business plan.


Just look at that big tanker! Isn't she a beautiful sight, spraying water in all directions, laying a smoke screen, and spreading  crushed ice from the fantail. What is the name on the side of this one?  I believe it is the "USS TAX BREAK.”

No trouble funding that one.  No business plan is complete without one.

Look! there's another one.  It is a seven hundred foot long, one hundred foot wide double hulled tanker spraying water like a Las Vegas fountain. What a show!

Whose name will be on the side of this one?

Marketing departments are going crazy trying to launch before their competition. This may become an international race. Why not the United Nations.  Which Caribbean country will be first to launch?

In Greenville, SC a large food chain built the Bi Lo Convention Center.  Cinergy in Cincinnati built a stadium. The News Journal just completed a convention center in Daytona Beach, FL. How many more can you think of? There are many. Just think of the big letters on the sides of those double hulled tankers. 

Our government continues to receive harsh criticism about its response to the recent hurricanes. Most of it perhaps unfair. But none could criticize an intelligent effort to PREVENT or moderate future hurricanes.

Through experimentation and testing, it should be easy to demonstrate that it is possible to cool surface temperature to the point that a hurricane cannot begin.

A corporation will be formed and funds solicited from those business or government entities that will benefit  most from the protection provided.  We have been led to believe that the World Wide Web Internet reaches millions of people. We should use this means to attempt to raise money for HURRICANE PREVENTION. It should be an easy sell. This is a logical part of this business plan.  What position would you like to hold in this new corporaton?

If you can build it, you can sail it. The oceans are international and free, and this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

What a spot to say, “Let's roll!”  Suggestions are welcome.   kentuckytoflorida@netzero.com

Please get that “fire in your belly and a passion” for hurricane prevention, because;


One large double hulled tanker will be stationed off the coast of Africa. Another somewhere in the Caribbean, and another on the East Coast of the United States. Others will be stationed on the Pacific Coast and the coast of South America. Certain strategic oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico will be equipped with four each high volume submersible pumps to spray water and reduce surface temperatures in the path of an approaching hurricane. Anything is worth a try.



What about funds from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency?) Is this not an emergency management issue?

Another experiment that should be tried is the use of smoke screens. Remember that removing the source of heat cools water quickly. One way would be to send U S Navy Destroyer Escorts to crisscross the hot spot, laying smoke as they go. These are armed and ready, already paid for by The American People.  This will be a day time application during the afternoon, so that this cooling can be added to the after sundown natural cooling.

A couple of forty-nine thousand ton, Iowa Class Battleships will slow down an approaching hurricane without firing a weapon, the same way large shore line buildings do. Just sailing back and forth and dividing the rotating heated air mass to keep it from getting too large.

It is time. The time is now, for just such a common sense defense against these damaging hurricanes

Anything is worth a try. 

Remember Galveston. Remember New Orleans. Remember Florida. Remember Katrina. Remember....!

A global positioning satellite will sense a developing hot spot in the Caribbean and send a signal to a tanker's on board computer. The computer alerts the small resident crew that the ship is about to get underway. The computer automatically starts the engines and hoists the anchor. Anti-collision sensors bow and stern will prevent collisions with other shipping. The course is set by the GPS. The crew will take over in case of an emergency. The ship is under way and will arrive at the hot spot in time to automatically start pumping cold water from intakes below the ship, or laying a smoke screen. Back and forth, attack, attack, again and again, cooling the surface, interfering with the rising column of air until another victory is won.  You get the picture.  WE ARE DENYING THE CORIOLIS FORCE.

 ANYTHING, is worth a try.

We must divide, and cool, the hot spot, or destroy the rising column of rotating warm air.  Let me hear from you.     kentuckytoflorida@netzero.com

Prevention must prevail.   Deny the coriolis force.

Charles Simmons

76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL  32174


APRIL 25, 2007     DOW GOES OVER 13,000 !!

OCTOBER 1, 2007     DOW GOES OVER 14,000 !!


Read on.


Have you ever heard of the destroyers Hoel, Heermann, and Johnston? 

The Imperial Japanese Navy was able to successfully sail through the Philippine Islands' San Bernadino Strait and enter the Philippine Sea.  Their goal:  to sail down the coast of  Samar and enter Leyte Gulf to destroy the over seven hundred ships of the U S Philippine Invasion force unloading material and supplies on the beaches of the island of Leyte.

These three pitbulls of the U S Navy selflessly, and heroically raced full speed to attack and attack again and again, with their rapid firing guns blazing away with armor piercing projecticles at the overwhelming force of the Imperial Japanese Navy until Admiral Kurita was forced to issue the command that would guarantee the failure of his mission: "General Attack!"  His ship captains were now on their own, firing freely and without direction from the Flagship; no longer a threat to the U S ships in Leyte Gulf. 











The Hoel, Heermann, and Johnston,  their captains and crew, earned a special place in history that day.  The Hoel and Johnston were sunk, to begin their final voyage of six and one quarter miles to the bottom of the Philippine Trench, but the Japanese Imperial Navy had been stopped cold, and finally turned away, ABANDONING THEIR MISSION!!

I tell this story in hope that a suitable memorial can be established in memory of this very important World War I I event.

Is it any wonder the tears flow freely when the spirited march “Anchors Aweigh” is played - or when hearing the Navy Hymn - “Eternal Father, strong to save,

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,

Who bidd”st the mighty ocean deep,

Its own appointed limits keep.

Oh hear us when we cry to Thee,

For those in peril on the sea! Amen.

Few Commanders in Chief are given a more clear cut opportunity for heroic action than are about to be offered once again, as another hurricane season relentlessly approaches at seventeen point seventy-seven miles per day.

Forming hurricanes represent battles to be joined and victories to be won.. 

 My suggestion is to attack and attack, again and again, dividing and defeating each and every numbered  tropical depression,  using a newly organized HURRICANE PATROL.  The Hoel, Heermann, and Johnston Hurricane Patrol could find an honored place in the hearts and minds of hurricane victims and survivors everywhere.

This patrol will function in a manner similar to our highly effective U S Coast Guard Iceberg Patrol. Its actions will PREVENT the formation of destructive hurricanes.

Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will win victory after victory as each numbered tropical depression fades from existence under the repeated attacks of the HoeL, Heermann, Johnston  Hurricane Patrol.

Another President, another time,  would shout,  "Bully!, anchors aweigh!" and charge after each new tropical depression with calculated abandon, using  the knowlege and methods presented in this  "superwindstorm.com" website.

Commander-in-Chief Obama has demonstrated the "fire in the belly and passion" essential for these hurricane PREVENTION victories.

The United States Navy heroically attacked and turned away the Imperial Japanese Navy in the battle for the Philippines during World War I I.

The United States Navy has many resources that could easily attack and prevent a tropical depression from developing into a full size hurricane.

Charles "crushed ice floats" Simmons



May 9, 2006

Equipment needed:   US Navy Destroyers,  US Navy Destroyer Escorts, or other similar, suitable vessels from  Navy "inactive" storage, large industrial strength blowers (see Canada Blowers home page website), jet aircraft engines, windtunnel test machines, or other means of moving a large volume of air , such as,  Florida air boats, or large ventilation blowers, or even a few helicopters; especially helicopters - the bigger the better!    ANYTHING IS WORTH A TRY.

 Enter:   CH-47-Chinook helicopter in your URL.  Just imagine one of these attacking a forming hurricane.  Keepiing one or more of these busy will give us a hurricane free season.  Deny the coriolis force.

  Remember Katrina!


The main purpose of this paper is to prevent the formation of hurricanes.

I believe that I have shown that hurricanes can be prevented by attacking the initial rising, rotating column of warm, humid air. I believe experiments in this regard should be initiated.

U S Navy ships are probably the safest, most reliable method for accomplishing this. I have also mentioned the use of helicopters as attack vessels in this service. Please take a look at web site "American Heavy Lift Helicopters."   This website describes various models of heavy lift helicopters. A heavy lifting capability is not necessary to wipe out a forming hurricane but the powerful down-wash from the rotor blades certainly is. I sincerely believe that a heavy lift helicopter could prevent the formation of a hurricane by flying back and forth through the rising column of warm humid air. Do a little research and I’m sure you will agree. The big ones can travel nearly two hundred miles per hour and can be delivered by ships to a forming hurricane site.

I’m not suggesting that helicopters or anything else move into a fully developed hurricane but there is plenty of time to respond to a beginning slow moving hurricane with either ships or helicopters and it will be done. Deny the coriolis force.

BEGIN!.....everything else is easy.

The jet engines, or other air moving equipment will be mounted athwartship near the bow.  Their thrust will be directed seaward, port and starboard.

The  ship will drive straight through a rising column of warm air, with all jet engines or blowers running in such a manner as to break up, destroy or otherwise interfere with the rising column of warm air. 

The ship will remain on site and continue passage back and forth through this hurricane formation threat site as long as necessary.

 A second or third relief ship will be prepared and ready.

I firmly and sincerely believe that this is the course of action that will be followed to prevent the formation of hurricanes.  A SUPERWINDSTORM from ship mounted powerful industrial strength blowers, or from heavy lift helicopters,  will easily  knock out a beginning hurricane.

Charles Simmons

76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL  32174

Spred the word:       www.superwindstorm.com



May 23, 2006

This is the letter I wrote to the "Letters" section of the News Journal.  It was not "timely" enough for publication.  I believe it should be in my website.


The carrier Orinskany is scheduled to be sunk Wednesday to become an artificial reef for fish.

A much better use for this large vessel would be to use her to prevent the formation of hurricanes.  By mounting large industrial strength blowers athwart ship on her deck she could become the first HURRICANE PREVENTION ship.  She could sail straight through the center of a growing column of warm air with all blowers  blasting and completely stop the formation of the next hurricane,  The Orinskany could attack and attack again and again, passing back and forth through the rising column of hurricane forming warm air. Her glory days could be just beginning.

The coriolis force would be no match for the power of those US NAVY jet engines and the blocking size of an aircraft carrier.   How many jet engines?  Enough to do the job.  Let's start with eight port side engines and eight starboard side engines.  It's an experiment that should be seriously considered.  Run the number of engines as necessary depending on the size of the hurricane threat.

Do they really want a legacy of sunken ships?

Think BIG!  Remember New Orleans.  Remember Biloxi,  Remember Katrina,  Remember  Nargis. 


Charles  Simmons   Navy Vet

76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL  32174

Stay with:   www.superwindstorm.com




May 24, 2006

Our news channels are filled each day with events of such seriousness that our nation does not need the additional burden of one hurricane after another as we experienced in two thousand five.

Hurricane PREVENTION becomes increasingly essential.
Maintaining a serious focus upon anything is extremely difficult.  Distractions are everywhere that demand our attention.

We cannot wait for new plans to be developed when we already have the means to prevent any named hurricane from becoming a major threat.

Research has found that most of the Earth's water is barely above freezing.

With so much cold water just below the surface we will be able to immediately bring it to the surface ready to deliver as needed. 

Seven hundred foot long, one hundred foot wide double hulled tankers do not have to be limited to the transportation of oil. They will bring up cold water from the depths and deliver to prevent hurricanes as well.  With enough Pod propulsion units attached to the hulls,  those long shafts will be eliminated, and they'll become speed boats.
They will sail back and forth through a rising column of warm air,spraying cold water in all directions, to defeat a hurricane formation.

Hurricanes do not move very fast.  They will remain in place while our Commander-in-Chief,  First Lady Michelle,  his Secretary of Defense, his Secretary of The Navy,  Director of Homeland Security, and others destroy each named tropical depression.


Remember eighty-one degrees F or warmer surface water may start a rising column of air that can become a hurricane.  

Just a few degrees lower will prevent a hurricane.   It's so easy a "........" can do it.

The hurricanes of two thousand five demand a response that willprevent hurricanes.

There are many ships in "inactive status" that could be used to break up a rising column of air and prevent a hurricane development.  Enter:  James River Reserve Fleet, in your computer URL.  Click on "Google earth sightseeiing " -  comment number fourteen.         

Hurricane prevention will save billions of dollars . Billions of dollars.  Hurricanes can be prevented.  This will be a much more respectable legacy than sinking valuable, useful ships for fishes.   Please, please do not sink anymore ships that can be used in a hurricane patrol.  These "inactive ships" can have other uses as well.  Navy ships are equipped with machine shops, carpenter shops, galleys.  I wonder what Martha Stewart, or Rachel Ray could do with one of them.  They are also equipped with desalination equipment.  They may also be equipped with sacrificial anodes or other DC circuits that prevent corosion.

"Inactive" ships are safe in a harbor, but that is not why they were built.  They certainly were not built to become artificial reefs for fish.

Preventing hurricanes in the early formation stages with a newly formed, quick response, hurricane patrol is a wise course of action;  one that only our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama  or First Lady Michelle,  could handle. 

After all, what good is education if it is not put to use?

Please,  stay focused on hurricane prevention.

Charles Simmons

76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL  32174



Help to publicize:                www.superwindstorm.com

To summarize:

The physics of  hurricane development are  simple:  warm ocean surface temperatures, high humidity, and the coriolis force which sets a warm rising air mass to rotating.

When I first began this paper I was impressed by a website which referred to an eighty-one degree or warmer surface temperature as being necessary to start a hurricane.  The solution to preventing hurricanes seemed dirt simple.  Just cool the water and be done with it.

Since then though, I have come to be convinced that resources are more readily available to attack repeatedly , the rising column of air of a forming hurricane.

I knew the U S Navy had ships in "inactive status,” but I had no idea just how many.  There are many.  This definitely seems to be a project for the U S Navy;  already paid for by The American People.

Destroyers will be my first choice of ship to be used as hurricane patrol vessels.   If these are for sale a private enterprise company can do the job instead of the Navy.

My reason for this choice is:  the deck is large enough for mounting the framework for installing the heavy industrial blowers.  Without the need for weaponry, ammunition, torpedoes, etc.  the small, skeleton, crew will be for emergencies only . The crew will be minimum, more comfortable, and the  ship load lighter.  Speed in not essential but if necessary, with their nine foot diameter props  and lighter load, they will really move.  

They will be controlled automatically by ocean surface temperatures, via global positioning satellites, which will move the destroyer to the warmest spot on the ocean surface.  The large industrial blowers will operate automatically to prevent the formation of an updraft.
The GPS, destroyers,  industrial blowers will be like a thermostat controlled air moving system which senses an ocean hot spot then responds with appropriate modulated blower application, using three phase variable speed blowers.

Eight blowers portside,  eight blowers starboard side, will be applied in pairs depending upon air strength needed to produce an effective SUPERWINDSTORM.  An updraft with coriolis force will not stand a chance of becoming a hurricane.   Deny the coriolis force.

I have located suppliers of these industrial strength blowers.  They are readily available.

Destroyers are in “inactive status”;  waiting.

Hurricanes can be stopped before they get started.

THINK!   INVENT!  With one stripped down destroyer equipped with  eight port,  and eight starboard very large blowers, moving straight through the center of a forming potential hurricane, then swinging around to pass through again and again, and again with asuper windstorm,  how can this fail to prevail  over a relatively weak coriolis force?  It might even be considered “overkill.”   Keep the air stirred up,continuously, during hurricane season.   Deny the coriolis force anything to rotate.

BEGIN!.....the rest is easy.

Charles Simmons

76 Central Avenue

Ormond Beach, FL  32174




The next hurricane season is relentlessly approaching at seventeen point seventy-seven (17.77) miles per day.   Preparations to attack should be under way. 

The U. S. Navy has ninety-three (93) destroyers manned and ready.  A brief duty sail, for a few, during hurricane season, would not be unreasonable.  It will happen.  Let it be America!  Deny the coriolis force!    Deny the coriolis force!

Use the resourses available to keep the air stirred up during hurricane season.   Ships,  powerful blowers, twin rotor helicopters - especially helicopters - must be used. 

The twin rotor, CH 47 CHINOOK, heavy lift helicopter, with adjustable downwash, is the ideal choice for use in preventing the early formation of hurricanes.

When the early rotation of the storm begins the helicopter will be on the way to pass back and forth through the storm, to break up, divide, or interfere with the rising column of warm humid air. The helicopter’s adjustable downwash will be equal to or greater than the coriolis force that is causing the warm air mass to slowly rotate.

The helicopter’s downwash can be adjusted to be stronger by increasing it’s load. This will be done by adding bags of sand in easily handeled  increments or fify-five gallon drums of water.  A heavier helicopter will have a stronger downwash and will easily prevent a hurricane from forming. One helicopter will be able to do the job.

The CH 47 CHINOOK, adjustable heavy lift helicopter, will be delivered to the tropical depression site by a ship.  The ship will carry a quantity of bags of sand or drums of water.   The ship will remain on site as long as necessary.


     Do not be satisfied to  sit and wait in fear.  Take action!    Turn on to Hurricane Prevention.  Deny the coriolis force.  Deny the coriolis force!!

Charles Simmons   U. S. Navy Vet

76 Central Ave

Ormond Beach, FL  32174



Be courageous!  Be bold!  CALM SEAS NEVER MADE A GOOD SAILOR. 



Charles Simmons

1642 Maryland Parkway

 Ashland, Kentucky 41101

 November 18, 2007

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting my website:   www.superwindstorm.com.

It seems there is no end of discoveries to be made from staying focused on the subject of Hurricane Prevention.

Many individuals have written much about hurricanes and how to hunker down and hide from their vicious and damaging winds.

My most recent discovery is the most important one I have made yet. It is a map of the world which vividly shows the sea surface water temperature of the entire planet in colors which indicate the various surface water temperatures.      See:  PRINTER FRIENDLY  WUNDERGROUND.COM

Charles Simmons


1642 Maryland Parkway

Ashland, Kentucky 41101



I have titled this paper: “THE EVOLUTION OF A SOLUTION.” I have made several discoveries as part of this evolutionary process. I believe my last is the most practical in terms of cost and method of accomplishment.

Hurricane prevention is what we are striving for. and the Caribbean Sea seems to be the best place to start. Why? Because in our part of the world more hurricanes develop in the Caribbean than anywhere else.

The Coriolis force is zero at the equator but increases in strength farther north or south of the equator. At the fifteen degree latitude line it is strong enough to start the rotation of a humid tropical disturbance. This latitude line goes right through the middle of the Caribbean Sea. If the sea surface temperature is eighty-one, or higher, degrees, a hurricane may be in the making.

The Caribbean Sea is a seventeen thousand five hundred square mile part of the Atlantic Ocean. There are thirty-five well populated islands listed in the Caribbean Sea. There are over four hundred hotels there. Tourism is the major industry. Vacationers and conventions flock to the many luxury hotels.

Hurricanes are definitely not welcome.

Hurricane Prevention is the solution.  Who would have a greater vested interest in Hurricane Prevention and Control than the luxury accommodations in the Caribbean.

The quickest, most efficient way to this solution is by the use of helicopters; big twin rotor, heavy lift, industrial helicopters, with a powerful downwash. They can travel two hundred miles per hour and easily upset a rotating tropical storm.

Does anyone or any organization have to purchase these helicopters? The wonderful answer is, NO. They can be rented.

Since hurricanes are an uncertain event, these helicopters can be rented as needed, based on increasingly accurate forecasts by the National Weather Service, and others.  See: PRINTER FRIENDLY   WUNDERGROUND.COM      See:   ARGO     See:   HURICANE AND STORM TRACKING   TROPICAL STORM NOEL COMBINED TRACK PLOT.

They can be made more stable and effective by carrying a heavy load of sand as they fly back and forth across the path of a slow moving tropical depression.   The heavy load will provide a much stronger downwash. The downwash will be stronger than a tropical depression, or tropical storm. This is the solution. Deny the Coriolis force anything that can rotate into a tropical storm or hurricane.   Once the tropical depression or storm is stopped or defeated,  it will take days for it to redevelop,  if it redevelops at all .  

Deny the coriolis force. 

See:  worldwide.helicopter.li

There are more than 2300 helicopter links. 

The largest American made helicopter is the CH 47 Chinook. There are larger helicopters.  They are made in Russia. The Mil six and the Mil twenty-six are both larger than the Chinook. The Mil twenty-six is the largest, and Mexico has at least two of them.

Do we really want another country to be first to successfully prevent the formation of a hurricane?

Deny the Coriolis force when a tropical depression is discovered and identified.


Charles Simmons

1642 Maryland Parkway

Ashland, Kentucky 41101



cell:   386-299-1709


January 09, 2008


On December 22, an important event occurred. The earth made a reversal. I have to pause to remind myself that it is the earth that is on the move and not the Sun. It is easy to think that the Sun moves but that is not the case. The earth is the one that is constantly and continuously on the move and will be forever and ever. Copernicus had a hard time convincing people of that many years ago.

The earth is like a moving target as far as the direct rays of the Sun are concerned. If we could stop the earth for just a second on December 22 The Sun rays would be shining straight down on the Tropic of Capricorn. If you were standing at a spot on the Tropic of Capricorn latitude line (an imaginary line that circles the globe the same way the Equator does, twenty-three and a half degrees south of the Equator) your shadow would be all around your feet and not extending out away from where you are standing. This is because the Sun rays are shining straight down on the top of your head.  We have stopped the earth’s travel at the point where the vertical rays of the Sun are shining on the most southerly point on the earth’s surface, twenty-three and a half degrees, south of the Equator as the earth moves in its orbit around the Sun.

If we release the earth now to let it continue along its orbital path, the Sun rays will continue to be vertical, but will no longer shine straight down on the Tropic of Capricorn latitude line. Twenty four hours later the latitude point will be seventeen point seventy-seven miles north of the Tropic of Capricorn latitude line, on the way to a meeting with the Tropic of Cancer latitude line, six months later on June 21. This is the reversal I mentioned.

It is a lot easier to say that the Sun rays were moving south one day, bounced off of the Tropic of Capricorn, then started moving north, but keep in mind that it is always the earth that is moving smoothly and seamlessly toward this orbital point under the vertical rays of the Sun; then instantly things change as the earth continues its orbital path, now northward instead of southward. Scientist can calculate the exact instant that the change occurs to a split, split second. The dates for this change are December 22, and June 21. For purpose of illustration I used noon of one day to noon of the next day for part of my discussion. The actual split second time may be something else.

If you have learned something of value thus far and would like to contribute financially, please send your contribution to    (PayPal  kentuckytoflorida@netzero.com )    New pages will continue to be added.

Charles Simmons

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386-299-1709 cell

Charles Simmons

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May 8, 2008




using powerful industrial strength blowers delivered by fast destroyers to the site of a tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm or beginning hurricane.   DENY THE CORIOLIS FORCE!

Drawing cooler water from  below ocean surface using powerful industrial strength pumps.  I know of one pump manufacturer that makes a pump that will move sixteen tons of water every minute.  Thats a lot of water!

  1. Maintaining several very large super tankers filled with crushed ice for a half circle deployment across the path of a fully developed hurricane.  With intelligent insulation or shading the ice or cold water will remain available for the entire hurricane season.  Something like this could have saved Myamar or New Orleans.
  2. Just about any large ship, sailing back and forth across the projected path of a tropical depression, tropical storm or hurricane, upsetting a developing coriolis force circulation.
  3. Perform cooling operations in afternoon to extend cooling time by adding to the natural cooling that takes place after sundown and at night.
  4. Destroying a developing tropical depression, using the strong downwash of a loaded heavy lift helicopter,  by flying back and forth across its path.  
  6. The most effective way to acquire the temporary services of helicopters is to rent them.  Many companies throughout the world offer helicopter rental service.  Many offer offshore services as well.
  7. Deny the coriolis force by any means possible to stop the development of a hurricane.
  8. Attack tropical disturbances, tropical depressions, tropical storms, to prevent hurricanes.
  9. Sail a half circle pattern in front of a slow moving hurricane approach spreading crushed ice.  No matter which direction the hurricane moves it will run into non- supporting temperatures and be stopped, or diverted.
  10. Pump and spray cooler water from below the surface, or from a double hulled oil tanker cleaned and filled with crushed ice, cold artic water, or cooler water from just below the surface. 
  11. Deliver or fly large twin rotor heavy lift helicopters to hurricane developing site.  Fly a course back and forth across the path of the developing hurricane to upset, intefere with, eliminate, the disturbance, depression, storm or weak hurricane.  The strong helicopter downwash will stop the hurricane.
  12. Hurricanes progress through three stages before becoming a hurricane:
  13. Stage one:  a tropical disturbance.
  14. Stage two:  a tropical depression.  This is the target.  Attack each and every one, without exception during hurricane season.  Deny, defeat, upset, by any means possible, their coriolis force. 
  15. Anything! ; is worth a try.
  16. Stage three:  a tropical storm

Attack any one of these three stages to prevent the formation of a "Katrina", or "Nargis."

When winds reach 75 miles per hour it is called a “hurricane.”

In other parts of the world they are called “tropical cyclones.”

Stop the death and destruction of raging hurricanes.

Myanmar (formerly Burma} between China and India is the latest tragedy with a death toll in the thousands.  The name of the tropical cyclone that has caused so many deaths in Myanmar is  "Nargis."  "Nargis" will not be soon forgotten."

Take a look at  "Printer friendly - wunderground.com"

The latest “TC’s” (tropical cyclones) are named and located.

Also view the latest technology for recording conditions in the oceans of the world.  Visit  "ARGO."

Charles Simmons


76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Visit: www.superwindstorm.com


June 6, 2008

No storms are being tracked

No tropical cyclones (TC's) are being tracked.


June 20, 2008

At 7;59 The reversal moment occured once again. 

The earth continues its orbit around the Sun.  Each day the vertical sun rays shine down on a new location seventeen point seventy-seven miles south of the previous days location.



Helicopters are used in criminal pursuit, highway accident aid, news reporting, taking injured to hospitals, heavy lift forestry work, heavy lift construction work, tourism, transportation, and countless other essential services.

However, there is one field that has yet to be explored.

HURRICANE PREVENTION. Hurricane prevention is wide open and waiting for the first entrant, adventurer.

Those dumb, ugly, dangerous, ever threatening hurricanes will have met their match when the first twin rotor heavy lift helicopter, loaded with enough weight to increase its downwash, scores a major victory over a tropical disturbance, tropical depression, or tropical storm.

The only remaining question is: who will be the first to do the job. A place in history is reserved for you

Will it be; a company already in business offering offshore service to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico? A company offering services to the over four hundred hotels and convention centers in the Caribbean? An extremely wealthy, oil rich Saudi Arabian? An extremely wealthy Golden Parachute retiree. An extremely wealthy heir to a great fortune? An extremely wealthy celebrity. A state or a country bordering tropical cyclone, hurricane producing oceans, that decides we’ve had enough death and destruction. No more Katrina that destroyed New Orleans: No more Nargis, that destroyed Myanmar. Or perhaps a giant, powerful aircraft carrier like the USS Ronald Regan with enough air moving equipment on board to create their own hurricane.   No more…. We have the technology to fly out, easily locate and end this puny threat before the coriolis force creates another monster. The task is no more complicated that going deep sea fishing. There it is. It will wait for you.

You're not afraid of a tropical depression or a tropical storm.  You're right at home on the ocean. Is that music we hear?  A symphony orchestra is playing "Victory at Sea."  Some tasks require a "just do it" attitude

Someone whose word commands action will pick up a phone, a cell phone, send a computer message, and resources will be brought together, that will put a permanent end to hurricanes and tropical cyclones. A response will be created that will be automatic, effective and efficient.

Will it be an East Coast Woman's Club or Association?  Watch out for one of these!!  Never underestimate the power of a woman to comprehend technology.

Will it be the captain of a large ship already at sea. Ship captains are acquainted with each other and trade stories when they get together. Ship captains are guided by maritime common sense; to keep the oceans of the world calm and free of hazards to shipping lanes. They communicate. They know their large ship can sail repeatedly through a tropical depression to prevent the formation of a hurricane. Ship captains are wise, intelligent, responsible, mariners, dedicated to the safe delivery of cargoes needed throughout the world. They are worthy of our deepest, honor, respect, and glory always, but especially when they use their ships to attack tropical depressions that can become a “Charlie, Katrina, Ike, or Hanna.

Ship captains know the oceans they sail and where a tropical depression is located. They know that a slight change in course will interfere with the development of a tropical storm or a hurricane.

A simple decision can save thousands of lives and millions in property damage. They communicate.

Last year Maersk launched the largest container ship ever built; the M/V Emma Maersk.

Common sense will prevail, of course, but I firmly believe that ships at sea represent a weapon that can be used against tropical depressions.

Will it be an extremely wealthy "Thaiwanese shipping mogul" that can rebuild 'A Whale' for preventing hurricanes?  "A Whale," could sail in and out, back and forth, through a tropical depression and prevent the formation of a hurricane  -  easily.

US Destroyers are known as The Greyhounds of the Sea.

If a butterfly moving it's wings in Africa can start a hurricane, surely a hurricane can be prevented by using a helicopter downwash, a sprayed wall of water,  powerfull industrial strength blowers,  a large ship sailing back and forth through the center, spreading crushed ice (crushed ice floats).  www.superwindstorm.com.  Deny the coriolis force.  Hurricanes can be prevented.  Your support will be your legacy.




Charles  Simmons

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Ormond Beach, FL 32174 :  "the matrix of Hurricane Prevention."


A hurricane/tropical cyclone begins as a tropical disturbance; then becomes a tropical depression; then a tropical storm; and finally a hurricane. It is  numbered when it becomes a tropical depression.

My solution: PREVENT HURRICANES by attacking tropical depressions.

Considering what I have already written on the subject of Hurricane Prevention, I’m discomforted by the fact that I have missed so obvious a solution.

The title of my paper is “Evolution of a Solution.”

*Henry Morrison Flagler built a railroad. I found his bio in Wikipedia. You can find it there also.

MISTER Flagler’s main interest in Florida was in real estate, and Hotels. The Florida East Coast Railroad was added to as needed for the construction of his projects and the tourism that they attracted.

Today it is owned by AMTRAK, and every time I hear that whistle blowin’ ‘cross the trestle , whoeee, I think, “thank you Mr. Flagler.” Nothing is more important than the life blood that flows as the result of a railroad. Think “Union Pacific” and "California Here I Come."  "The Orange Blossom Special."   Florida and California have both grown as the result of railroads.  More growth is planned with the advent of HIGH SPEED RAIL SERVICE, now being planned.

Flagler was a man of great vision. His Florida East Coast Railroad finally reached Miami an unincorporated area, and by 1896 reached Biscayne Bay. In 1905 Flagler decided that his railroad should go all the way to Florida’s most populous city, Key West. He wanted to take advantage of this deep water port, trade with Cuba and Latin America, and trade with the West that would develop when the U. S. government built the planned Panama Canal. His 128 mile railroad extension, The Overseas Railroad, also known as the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway, was completed in 1912 and operated successfully for 23 years;  until the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. The damage caused by this massive hurricane, was more than the railroad was financially able to repair. It was sold to the State of Florida and is now Route 1 to Key West.

How much more could he have accomplished if there had not been a hurricane. We can pose this same question every time a hurricane tears up lives and property. "The saddest tales of mice or men are those that tell what might have been.”

With the complete elimination of hurricanes by expanding the Coast Guard,  Commander - in - Chief Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will be historically remembered for this singular heroic action.

Every hurricane is preceded by a tropical depression.  Attacking each and every tropical depression in ways that prevent them from developing further into tropical storms, then into hurricanes, is the most sensible course of action . Denying the coriolis force anything to rotate will eliminate the threat of destructive hurricanes.

The energy from the Sun, which forms and drives hurricanes, cannot be stopped, however the results of this energy can be affected in many ways that keep it from becoming a destructive force. I have already discussed several in this paper.

Stay focused on tropical depressions. Think: Coast Guard. Think: giant icebergs . Think ice breakers.  Think: Action before a tropical storm. Think Prevention! Prevention! Prevention! Think! Invent! Think: Helicopters! Think large ships with industrial strength blowers. Think:  large ships with industrial capacity pumps. Think: large ships filled with cold water! Think: large double hulled tankers filled with crushed ice!  (ice floats);  Think large ships that can cut through a tropical depression turn 180 degrees and cut through again, turn and cut through again and again. Think ten atomic powered U S Navy ships: relentless power, no stopping to refuel. Think USS Ronald Reagan: bigger than any tropical depression, slowly cruising the oceans of the world; hell no!! this ship is power, power, power and can move like nothing else afloat

Think pod propulsion units.  Think:  many pod propulsion units on large double hulled tankers - this to get rid of long shafts, and quickly deliver crushed ice (ice floats) or cold water to tropical depression sites.


Who are we catering to when we watch TV and wait for the inevitable.

To ignore a tropical depression during hurricane season is....

The best preparation is prevention. The best preparation isprevention.  We did not have a hurricane yesterday. We may never have another hurricane!

 Nothing bad will happen if we never have another hurricane.

Lay a field of crushed ice from the outter bands to the center of the eye, to keep FAY or any other hurricane, from coming ashore.  If only we could.  The investment will be made.  Think fire departments, highway safety, air transportation, cell phone towers,  wind generators, big helicopters weighted to increase downwash,etc....THINK, INVENT, INITIATE!!   Money is spent for thousands of projects;  why not hurricane prevention?

The solution will be as powerful and permanent as the sun.  The solution will be a dedicated nuclear powered large ship, filled with crushed ice  (ice floats) that will enter the northeast quadrant, spreading crushed ice (ice floats), reverse course when reaching the eye, exit, then reenter, and repeat, as many times as necessary to reduce the tropical depression.   This ship will spray cold water from below the surface if the ice runs out (sprayed liquids are cooler).   Ask any air conditioning service tech.  This ship will wait for it's next GPS signal, then automatically set sail for the next hot spot.  This ship will not remain idle.  It will host, weddinngs, corporate meetings, banquets; use your inventive imagination.

The fuel for a nuclear powered ship is about the size of a BASEBALL  and will provide power for many years without refueling.  Thats right:  about the size of a"BASEBALL."  Thats right - many "YEARS."  The "payload space" is much larger, and will be used for crushed ice or cold water.  This ship will remain in dedicated "hurricane prevention" service from June 1 to November 30 each year, providing article entries for "A Day in The Navy."

It is a peaceful use for nuclear power.


Charles  Simmons

76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL 32174


Email:  kentuckytoflorida@netzero.com


New Orleans revenge; Super Dome revenge, Flood Wall revenge, Pumps revenge, thousands of homes and businesses revenge…. DESTROY THAT UGLY, MURDERING (71 IN Hatti) SON-OF-A-BITCH (AND I DON’T CURSE), GUSTAV.

Where  is my most powerful Navy in the world? Where is my United States Coast Guard?  Where are my eighty nuclear powered ships?

If this were an attack by an enemy nation, would you still be in port??

A cruiser or a battleship will sail through that ugly, murdering (71 in Hatti) son - of -a - bitch (and I don't curse) Gustav, several times until it is no longer a hurricane.  Now while there is still time.   

I personally watched a big Cruiser sail back and forth parallel to the beach at Leyte in WW II.  I believe this would break up, slow down, or prevent further approach of Gustav toward New Orleans.  Anything is worth a try.  Anything is better than letting another ugly, murdering, slut like Katrina reach New Orleans again.

Visit           superwindstorm.com

 It's too late to stop that ugly, murdering, son - of - a - bitch Gustav (and I don't curse) 

There's no "Victory At Sea."  There isn't even a battle.  That ugly, murdering son -of- a - bitch (and I don't curse) Gustav is going to win.

A large nuclear powered ship will penetrate the northeast quadrant slowly move to the eye; turn 180 degrees; exit, them turn 180 degrees to reenter, slowly move again to the eye and repeat the exit.  By repeating this entry - exit into the northeast quadrant of a tropical depression or tropical storm, the large ship sending up a spray wall of cool water and/or powerful industrial strength blowers will affect the wind speed.

 Will it be a US NAVY ship?   Maybe not!  The entire world is affected by hurricanes, and has a vested interest in their elimination or control.

The fuel supply of a nuclear powered ship is about the size of abaseball, and will keep it moving for years without refueling.  No stopping to fill huge tanks with fuel oil.  This will increase the payload space, which will help pay for the nuclear propulsion system. 


Charles Simmons

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September 16, 2008


How many more??  


 Tell someone about:     www.superwindstorm.com

Charles H. Simmons

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76 Central Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL  32174

1 MONTH, $11 BILLION LATER,  (DAYTONA BEACH NEWS JOURNAL  Monday, October 13, 2008) AP ARTICLE BY JUAN A. LOZANO. 37 found dead in Texas;  35 more on the way across country.

In case you have not looked it up yet;  one billion equals onethousand million.  $11B is eleven thousand million dollars:  IKE'S estimated damage cost after one month, and still counting.  Pretty soon we'll be talking real money here. 

Elementary schools may need to start teaching "scientific notation."


Prevention is less expensive!!

Experiment:   Send a destroyer escort, laying a smoke screen, into the northeast quadrent of a tropical depression or tropical storm.  Lay smoke all the way to eye, reverse direction and exit, then repeat. several times to reduce sustaining sun rays and strength of the depression or storm.  


Tomorrow is December 22, 2008.

Sometime tomorrow this planet earth will slowly arrive at the point in it 's orbit around the sun when, in a split second instant, the Tropic of Capricorn  will be precicely under the direct vertical rays of the Sun.  Once again the northward journey toward a June 21, 2009 encounter with the Tropic of Cancer will begin at the rate of seventeen point seventy-seven miles per day.  This is the rate of approach of the 2009 hurricane season.


Thanks for visiting my website.

Charles Simmons

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JANUARY 23, 2009







www.superwindstorm.com VERY SIMPLE.www.superwindstorm.com PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN. MEMORIZE.





February 09, 2010

I am of the conviction that a helicopter downwash can be used very effectively to stop the formation of a hurricane. Hurricanes develop through three distinctively identified stages before reaching hurricane force. The first stage is a tropical disturbance with winds to 33 mph The second is a tropical depression with winds 33 to 39 mph. The third is a tropical storm, with winds 39 to 74 mph. Then come the hurricane classifications. One, two, three, four and five. By doing nothing we invite more disaster.

Visit: www.superwindstorm.com

The helicopter rotor spins rapidly and produces the lift which raises the helicopter from the landing pad. The spinning rotor also produces a powerful 150, or greater, mph downwash wind. This wind is much more powerful if the helicopter carries a heavy ballast weight


A heavy ballast weight of drums filled with water will produce a strong downwash that will be used to stop the formation of a hurricane if it is used against the tropical depression stage.

The heavy, powerful wind produced has the effect of increasing the size of the helicopter as it moves repeatedly through the tropical depression. The tropical depression will be affected in a way that will reduce or stop its progress toward becoming a hurricane.


Water weighs eight point thirty-three pounds per gallon. A fifty-five gallon drum of water weighs four hundred fifty-eight pounds. Enough of these carried in a sling, cargo net, or other easy pick-up means will produce a hurricane force down-wash that will defeat any tropical depression wind encountered. The coriolis force will be denied. Check websites for 55 gal. drums.


Additional tanks filled with fuel, safely mounted and protected, will increase the helicopter’s range and length of time on site. A 24 volt fuel transfer pump controlled by the operator will keep the main fuel tank full. Use of an ERH (extended range helicopter) will be an added bonus.


An alternate choice of tank for the water ballast could be two or more 120 gallon gas or electric water heater tanks, with heating components removed.


I invite you to join me in this endeavor to produce a hurricane free season.


Thank you for visiting my website: 
www.superwindstorm.com I welcome your comments.
  Pro or Con.

Charles Simmons

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 Charles Simmons

Hurricanes can be steered or directed by spreading crushed ice ahead of the hurricane. Cool the water to change the hurricane’s direction.

July 24, 2010

Bonnie is not your childhood sweetheart. Bonnie is an ugly  slut growing into a weapon of mass destruction. Where is homeland security? Where is the Coast Guard? Where is the US Navy? Where are…? Where is “A Whale? Where is USS Ronald Reagan? Where is Commander in Chief?

Water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon. That is too much weight to be blowing around loose at 30 to 39 miles per hour, sustained.

Enter the North East quadrant with something big. Turn around and come back out; then do it again and again, over and over and over again, and again. Do it again until Ugly  Bonnie looks anorexic. See “hurricane and storm tracking.”

See ‘superwindstorm.com.”

Charles  Simmons

76 Central Ave

Ormond Beach, FL 32174


When a tropical depression forms - the nose of the camel is in the tent! 

"It'll ever fly Orville."



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